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Dog owners are busier than ever today, so if you've never been taught the right dog training skills it's no wonder your family pet misbehaves.

Over just a few 1-2-1 coaching sessions with me, you'll quickly learn the skills and techniques to control your dog with confidence, at home and in public. Meaning a happier owner and indeed, a happier dog (or puppy!). Just send details about your pet to take the first step.

Learning how to communicate with your dog is the single most important step you can take to fix misbehaviours like:

...and an endless list of weird and wonderful problems that hundreds of dog owners have shared with me over the years, with great results.

You'll gain exclusive access to The Dog Man ® clientzone, bursting with bespoke tips on communication, nutrition and techniques to boost your dog's progress. Plus, I'm always available by phone for advice and encourage my clients to keep in touch between sessions.

You'll learn to understand what your dog responds to, which makes training more fun - and after all, wasn't fun and companionship the reason you wanted a dog in the first place?

The first step is to send details about your dog online, I'll call you back to hear more and to book your first session of practical, step-by-step dog training.

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Date added: Wed 1 Feb 17

Cookie Visits Rodbaston Campus

Cookie Visits Rodbaston Campus
Welfare and ethics of working dogs in the human society

Date added: Tue 13 Dec 16

Christmas opening hours at The Dog Man

Christmas opening hours at The Dog Man
We've certainly had a busy year so far, and word about The Dog Man seems to be spreading. Read more >

Date added: Sat 19 Nov 16

Here’s a perfect Christmas gift idea for dog lovers (and their pet pooches)

Here’s a perfect Christmas gift idea for dog lovers (and their pet pooches)
Did you know we offer dog training holidays for dogs and their owners – and what’s more, we think it makes the perfect Christmas gift. Read more >

"I really cannot tell you how amazed we all are - Dougal is totally different on walks now - he has not pulled once! I keep pinching myself!"

- Antonia, Kynpersly


"I now have the confidence to know how to keep the good work up and walk Merlin off lead through the woods, past rabbit holes, knowing he will come back when called."

- Kevin, Staffordshire


"We've seen a massive difference in Milly, she now responds well on and off the lead and is much easier to control for us both but still has all the bounce and energy that we love in her."

- Darren, Stoke-on-Trent


"We’ve had no more than 7 lessons and I now have a dog who’s playful, loving, eager to please and responds to my commands."

- Diane, Birmingham


"The technique Craig teaches, of positive reenforcement combined with play, was exactly what we were looking for. He gives generously with his time to ensure that owners feel totally supported."

- Margaret, Staffordshire


"Freddie was a very scatty but adorable puppy. The training caught his attention though and he now thoroughly enoys going through his paces."

- Penny, Stoke-on-Trent

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