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The Dog Man ® on Film


About The Dog Man ®

Professional dog training in Staffordshire for all breeds of dog.                                     

Does your dog...

    * Pull like a train?
    * Refuse to return when called?
    * Jump up?
    * Or are they just out of control?

As a professional trainer with years of experience, The Dog Man ® can show you a range of modern and proven techniques to get rid of unwanted behaviours. Take a look at the video to discover more.


Dog Fitness

Professional dog training and dog weight-loss plans in Staffordshire for all breeds of dog.


The Dog Man ® Residential Training Course SD

If your dog needs any kind of training then you might think of sending it away to be helped, but The Dog Man ® believes you need to come along too.
That's why he has developed a specially tailored and personal three-day residential training course.
The training will help you and your pet have a happier, more harmonious relationship but you will also have an enjoyable and relaxing break in the heart of rural Staffordshire.
Take a look at this video to discover more about your accommodation, training and daily activities.

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