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Frequently Asked Questions

You're not alone - everyone has similar questions...

How long will it take?

Training is an ongoing process which you will enjoy throughout your dog's life. All dogs and people learn at different rates and start with different experiences; therefore there's no set time limit.

However, anyone who visits regularly and practises at home will see a marked improvement in their dog and will have an improved knowledge of how to achieve their aims and make further progress.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, please don’t rush out and buy a new lead, collar and other training equipment. You will be advised on your first visit on the best equipment for your dog. The correct equipment will be on sale at the training session, if needed, at very competitive prices, or you will be free to shop around once you have had the advice.

What shall I wear?

You will be most comfortable in a pair of walking boots or sturdy walking type shoes; casual clothes (jeans or joggers) and plenty of layers.

What do I need for the first training session?

Where does the training take place?

Each session takes place at your home or in the natural environment, though specific locations can be arranged if you have somewhere in mind.

What do I do next?

Send some basic information about your dog via my enquiry form and I'll come back to you quickly.

What breeds?

All breeds are welcome including cross breeds.

Is my dog too young or old?

Dogs can start training as soon as they are through their inoculations; please don’t wait because the earlier you start, the easier it is for me to help you through any behavioural issues. If your dog is in its senior years then don’t worry – you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

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