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Working with the RSPCA Burton District

Working with the RSPCA Burton District

Meet Brandy Cane Corso x breed 

In February 2017 Brandy 18 months was seized by the RSPCA and the facts were:

  • She was caged and never saw the outside World
  • Extremely overweight and very intimidating
  • She didnt know how to play or even know what a toy was
  • Not socialised with other dogs and quickly kennel guarded and was reactive, bouncing, climbing, barking, growling and snapping it was awful to see
  • Initailly Craig could not get in her kennel or near; she had little trust and who can blame her
  • The Staff and Craig who visited the RSPCA center regularly was patient to Brandy's needs and slowly work to gain her trust 
  • Now 4 month's later Brandy is becoming accepting of people and the World she lives in AND wow what a difference 

The team have shown Kindness but not Weakness and now jumping for joy 

Well keep you posted !


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