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Here's what my clients say about the results they've achieved with

Craig The Dog Man ®

Although Jessie still has 1 more session with Craig and a very long way to go, I would just like to say 'Thank You' for giving me the tools and education I needed to help Jessie get to where she is now. Jessie is a rescue Border Collie cross Staffy with 9 years worth of anxiety and fear aggression towards other dogs. I have been dragged on walks, pulled into bushes and had Jessie frothing at the mouth when we saw other dogs. I didn't have a chance in Gods name at calling Jessie away. Gaining her attention on a walk was not possible in any way. When Craig advised me on the hand feeding method I was not optimistic because Jessie is not food orientated and will only eat out of necessity. For 3 days Jessie did not eat and I thought this isn't going to work. Craig supported me when I contacted him and I have followed Craig's rules persistently. I am now able to call Jessie away when we see dogs and she has established that when we see a dog she gets food. This was an incredibly huge step for her and although a long way to go and more sessions with Craig, I cannot recommend The Dog Man training program enough. It isn't a quick fix and you must do the hard work. Craig provides you with the know how, you just need to put it into practice. 

Thank you Craig!

Dana Moqaddass Cannock Staffordshire 

Glyn and I just wanted to say an extra thank you for all your help and patience with Rigby, he is so much calmer since we met you and we both feel that we know him better now.

Emma & Glyn Stafford 

Labrador x breed rescued from the Dogs Trust Shrewsbury

My German Shepard Rex was adopted from a rescue centre nearly two years ago. We had Craig come out to see us in the first year and thought we could handle the dog on our own, we were wrong, after continued aggression towards other dogs we tried various "trainers" and ended up back to Craig, best decision I've made regarding Rex. 

After the first day of training I was amazed by the results. Rex's was more obedient than ever before and showed how clever he was. 

The way Craig talks about training dogs just gives you a great sense of satisfaction that you are doing the right thing. I would recommend Craig too anyone who needs a bit of help training their dog (big or small) 

Such an enjoyable experience

Jake Stevenson Newcastle Staffordshire 

Jake & Rex took part in a three day 1-2-1 intense course with Craig

After worrying about the out comes for our dog and endless internet searches I came across Craig 'the dog man' and decided to make contact. 
Our dog hadn't had a great start to life, he'd been rejected twice before we got him. 
Craig chatted on the phone and fully explained his services, costings and made arrangements to come to see us. That was the beginning of a new future for our dog and our family as dog owners.
We can't recommend Craig enough. He is a highly skilled, supportive teacher. He has enabled a complex dog with substantial anxiety issues an opportunity to become a calmer trusting loyal family member. The skills installed in our family enable us to facilitate a calm sensible approach to moving our bundle of energy towards a more settled disciplined dog. Our once suspicious and timid dog gets excited to see him and has enjoyed every session. Craig's 1:1 5 hour programme has been invaluable and we can't emphasise enough the impact of his guidance on our abilities. His calm, patient compassionate nature made Craig easy to work with. His methods of teaching are manageable and realistic and his support system is robust and easily accessible, His insight unmeasurable. It's been a pleasure to work in unison with Craig. He is worth every penny and more. 

If you need help with your dog he is undoubtedly the man for the job.

Florrie Bryce & Max Stafford

Buster who is 18 months had always been a shy breed since a puppy and lacked confidence. When we had our new pup Maxie 6 months ago his demeanour changed and he became aggressive with other dogs.... so we called The Dog Man. Craig's plan was to address conditional training first to regain focus and this worked well with Maxie, yet Buster was having none of it. However with Maxie being more focussed Buster started to show improvements. Craig then adjusted the training to work on building confidence and never has an old pair if socks and chicken had so much impact. Busters confidence improved and he has become a more sociable dog. When reviewing our case with Craig at the end of training, we both agreed that no two dogs are the same and never expect that, plus persistence and adjustment pays. A new phrase RCCM I spoke with Craig is very true (root cause counter measure) meant with adjusting the plan Craig identified the root cause with Buster. Like passing your driving test you only learn once you've passed and we continue to drive and focus both dogs. Meeting other dogs is now easier and it skip shows other owners who need Craigs help! Thanks Craig from us all and for those reading this don't delay if you need help ask The Dog Man 🐶

Nigel Thomas Stafford 

Unfortunately Ziggy was viciously attacked whilst on a walk, he was left with horrific injuries and a fear of dogs and people. With Craig's support and excellent training programme we now have a happy, relaxed dog who walks like a dream and ignores other dogs. From wanting to go for Craig in the beginning, to ending our 1-1 programme with Ziggy on Craig's lap kissing him is incredible. We can never thank Craig enough for all his time, effort and support. We now have our dog back.

Brian & Marie Marsden Stafford 

We have a boisterous Staffy Cross who we needed help with in three main areas; jumping up visitors and taking forever to calm down, pulling on his harness and recall. We had 1 2 1 training as a 2hr sesson followed by three 1hr sessions. The advice provided by Craig has been invaluable, not only does he provide tips on how to deal with the unwanted behaviours but also takes the time to observe and understand your dog so that he can provide insight as to why your dog is behaving in the way he is. We thought our dog was just subborn, turns out he is an anxious little guy whose confidence we need to build upon. Since having the training our dog (and us!) are calmer, we have seen improvement in all three areas and our dog even stayed with us, off his lead, on a busy beach (I was amazed!) We still have a way to go, but thanks to Craig we now have the knowledge, understanding and the techniques to help our dog have a happier, calmer life. We would certainly recommend 

Lucy Evans Stoke on Trent 

Earlier this week I travelled over 290 miles with Dexter my 74kg, 10 month old stubborn English Mastiff to meet with Craig for a 3 day intensive 1:2:1 training holiday. I had problems with recall, pulling on the lead and him generally ignoring all instructions given when outside the house. Dexter’s was fascinated by the outside world and his focus was on anything and everything except me. Today we went on out first off lead beach walk post training and there was a staggering difference. Although he still took himself off to meet other dogs on the beach, he recalled when asked and was a lot more focused on me and the rewards I had in my pocket for him. 

We still have a long way to go, but by using the simple but effective training methods that Craig taught us during the 3 days, I am confident that Dexter’s focus and willingness to obey commands will grow stronger each day.

Craig has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in dog training and nothing seems to faze him nor test his patience. Craig has a fabulous personality, he’s very easy to get on with and has some great stories to tell. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days in Stafford with Craig and would highly recommend him to anyone having training issues with their dog.

Lou Graham Guernsey

Hi craig, just a quick update on Lola. I took her to Hanley on Wednesday for her first time on public transport. She behaved impeccably with the whole bus ride and the people getting on and off it. Whilst in Hanley, she was a bit on edge at the start but settled in quickly and was very good when people approached to ask if they could stroke her. She let people touch her once she had sniffed their hand. 

I couldn't have done this without your help and support ... if anyone was thinking about getting some help for their dogs, I'd 110% recommend Craig, I would never have thought within a million years I'd be taking Lola on a bus into Hanley!

Paige Pearse Stoke on Trent

"The problem I had was a dog that was reactive on the lead around other dogs, walks were not pleasurable and my dogs bad behaviour (or my bad handling) was beginning to rub off on our new puppy. After trying lots of other methods with no sustained success I called Craig. I booked the 3 day intensive course and although tough both mentally and physically I enjoyed every minute. Craig is a real natural and taught me how to handle my dog and assert myself as his leader. The difference has been amazing  and my confidence as a handler has changed beyond expectations, I can't thank or recommend Craig enough"

Angela Wilson Butterton Newcastle Staffordshire 

Craig is a ' one off ' I have been involved with Gun dogs for the past 40 years and thought I knew all I needed to know about handling dogs until at 80 years of age my wife and I decided to add to our family in the form of Ben a Yorkie and Dachshund cross. He is a most adorable lad but had a mind of his own. He over greeted and jumped up visitors, pulled on the lead and would not return when called. We found Craig's website whilst looking for someone to help us. We enlisted his help and it was the best decision we could have made. After 3 training sessions Ben is now a pleasure to live with. Thank you Craig.

Peter & Joan Davis Stoke on Trent 

I took my Border Collie Lupin to the three day intense training course and it was amazing. Craig is professional and extremely knowledgeable in the field of dog training. The course is in no way a quick fix it's the laying of foundations to start mine and Lupins journey to a more harmonious coexistence together. The training is very balanced and Lupin responded well .
I would 100% recommend The Dog Man to anyone, he has opened my eyes and I'm excited to carry on training Lupin.

Lorna Williams Active Pets (Brewood) 

Myself and my partner have had a Chow Chow for over a year now and have continuously been told due to their stubborn nature we will not be able to get them trained off lead. In just two sessions with Craig we already know we have made the right decision in committing to this training and we cannot wait to see results after we are finished. Craig is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and always ready to give advice when needed. Craig is also very confident in what he does and gets the results he plans to get. Look forward to future sessions with him.

Beth & Joel Stourport-on-Severn

Had some guarding and aggression issues with Max our Cocker Spaniel. 4 sessions with Craig has seen massive improvements in Max's behaviour, and we have also learned much about how to train him going forward. Craig is an undoubted expert in dog behaviour, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Nick Higginson Rugeley

Craig spent time training Ruby, our staffie, from a pup... Ruby is 4 years old now and is so well behaved and very relaxed with everyday life... Its unbelievable how quick the dog responds to Craig's methods of training... You will see the difference in just 1 session.. believe me!

Nina Jones Staffordshire 

Craig was brilliant with us and with Rafa. He is an excellent dog trainer and worth every penny he charges. His charges are clear and his training methods are first class. Highly recommended!!!

Ian Rea Lichfield 

After seeing one of my clients dog who had been trained by Craig, we decided that we wanted his expertise for our new husky puppy. Our puppy Bella was displaying behaviour such as jumping up, nipping, messing in the house and lack of concentration. After just 2 sessions with Craig we cannot believe the difference in Bella's behaviour. She now sits, lays down, walks on a loose lead and is learning new things everyday like returning on command. 

Craig is worth every penny, friends of ours have paid twice what we have and have for a behaviourist and have nowhere near the results we have. 

Craig is also a lovely guy who is a great support and always willing to help be it night or day.

Danny Martin Wednesbury

Craig is amazing, very welcoming and knowledgeable, in the initial meet and assessment, it was clear we had made the correct choice in dog trainer. Craig puts all his years of experience and knowledge in way that is easily understood and the reasoning behind his method. In the practical training, he was amazing our Solomon was putty in his hands and showed us that we under his guidance and training he had given us, we could be confident in putting his training into action. We have seen a glimpse of our Solomons potential and know now he will be an amazing dog. We will carry out this training religiously. And intend to have follow up training in three months. If you need to train your dog or even think that your dog is good, everyone can benefit from sessions with the dog man. 

Steve Thacker, Marie Atkins and Solomon

After two very informative training sessions with Craig, Scout is doing well and has improved in every respect, looking forward to the next session and can't thank you enough for your skill and expertise.

Ken and Stephanie Tutbury 

We have just got home after a very informative and helpful three-day course with Craig. We have two dogs, both rescues, and he was extremely helpful in identifying that it's really Buddy who has the issues and Sasha is picking up on his nervousness and compounding our problems! We have come home brimful of positivity, ideas, information and strategies that we are working on. It's a long road ahead but we believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. The online client-zone is a blessing as when we need to remind ourselves of things the information is ready to hand. I hope to be able to write a further review in a few months saying how Buddy has been transformed - watch this space! I can already report that Sasha no longer pulls on the lead and has become much more focused on us.

Lucy & Adge Cutler Somerset 

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your help so far! As you know Scooby, although only didn't have the best start in life spending the majority of it in various rescue centres so having all the traits associated. However after only 3 lessons, commitment to the homework and changing his diet to your recommendation of the Super Premium Salmon & Potato dry food he has come on leaps and bounds literally. His behavior is a lot more relaxed, confident and happy. Since changing food his coat smooth, soft and with a lovely shine. We even had a breakthrough moment this morning when taking him for a walk! As happens whilst walking we came across other dogs but instead of lunging, crying and barking this time there was nothing. He did want to go and say hello but was quite happy to walk on by when asked, such a difference!! Thanks again for all your help and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Dave Roberts Newcsatle Staffordshire 

I was in a state of despair with my 4 yr old chocolate Labrador - ex breeding bitch who hasn't been socialised at all. A nightmare to walk when she saw anyone else or another dog. After 2 sessions with Craig I can see a huge difference in her - still a way to go but feel much more confident. Craig is really easy to talk to and bases the training on the individual dog/owner - I know I need as much (if not more) training than Elsa does. Highly recommended.

Carolyn Astbury Cannock 

Recently returned from 3 day residential training with Craig- just an amazing experience. My dog, Brian now walks to heel (with a little click and incentive) and today ignored many people, two motor bikes and several bicycles: that was just a wow! Dogs in the distance are no longer an issue, and I am finding it so much easier to control him when a dog comes near. It is still early days and I know we will get there. Thank you Craig- the new feeding routine and all the training routines are working well; and your tip about not staring into his eyes has made life easier.

Jean Helme Malvern 

Craig, Thought you would like to hear how Bracken is progressing.  There is quite a difference on him, even after a week!  He is much more attentive & focused & is doing very well with watch me, targeting & pecking.  He loves his new food  I know it is early days, but I am delighted with his responses & progress!  Thank you very much indeed for pointing me in the right direction. You are a life saver in keeping me sane!!!

Christine Douglas Redditch

Hi Craig I just wanted to send you an update,  I do a bit of training most days with Storm and he has matured into a beautiful dog. Took him for a walk today and two people both commented on what a well trained dog he is.  I've had lots of comments over the past few months and I have to pinch myself sometimes and think "are they really talking about my Weimaraner". I'd recommend you to anyone. I also read your blogs and find them very helpful.  Thanks

Tracy Smith Tean Stoke on Trent

Craig is absolutely brilliant! Had our second training session today with our 10 month old Bichon Frise Teddy. Craig really knows his stuff and the improvement in Teddy after just 2 sessions is amazing 100% would recommend The Dog Man!!

Abi Groom Stafford

We rescued a Dutch herder from the Dog’s trust that had absolutely no training or manners at all. A Dutch herder is a large breed dog with boundless energy and is very springy to say the least. We contacted Craig wanting to tame his behavior and enable us to take him on walks without him pulling, barking and lunging towards other dogs.

Craig gave us a home visit at first to assess Monti’s needs. He left us with some basic training tips and commands to practice with Monti. After a few weeks we noticed Monti was starting to take notice and so decided to book 3 further sessions to develop him further. These sessions involved one on one training on mutual ground. Craig offered us further advice and assessed not only Monti and how he had improved but how we had taken to the training. This was offered to us in written evaluations also giving us access to further tips and exercises online. It has been a challenging time with Monti but we now have a dog that will walk to heel ( the majority of the time) and will let us pass other dogs without a dramatic meeting. We would highly recommend Craig to anyone who feels their dog needs taming. He is very personable, approachable, motivating and good fun!

Tom & Melanie Sharman Whittington Staffordshire

Had a three day training course with Craig and my dog Rory a 19 month Fox Red Lab. By the end of the three days not only had I picked up so much information and training advice but Rory was a different dog as far as his lead work was concerned. I'm working really hard on keeping to the training plan, so, Thanks Craig, just wish I had come to you when he was a puppy, hey ho! Hope to catch up in the new year.

Jill & Rory Shropshire

Only had a few training sessions so far and it's made a massive difference already for my 5 year old Labrador! Really happy with the results so far and continuing with the training! Craig is very knowledgeable with years of experience and this really shows! He's helped me gain control back of my dog and I'm looking forward to seeing the end results!

Liz Ely Stoke on Trent

Fish & Potato with Allergy x

Thanks so much for your expert advice.  Since we have been feeding our GSD (Tara) with the food recommended by you she has stopped scratching completely. Previous to this we had tried everything , visiting our vet regularly with little improvement.  Thanks again.

Roger Pearshouse, Stafford

Thanks Craig for sparing the time to talk through the issues around a 'rescue' dog. You clearly are exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable. Your assistance was much appreciated.

David Aldred. Stafford

At a routine visit to the St George's Vets in Wolverhampton, I saw an advertisement for 'The Dog Man'. My dog Doug has a few unwanted behaviours, extreme pulling on the lead, losing focus on me and running off reacting to other dogs and not letting go of his ball during games of fetch.

The Dog Man has enabled me through our consultation and training sessions to better understand what is going on with Doug and has given me the tools, through his structured approach to training and the support from Client Zone on the website, on how to correct these behaviours. Doug's (and my) progress has been nothing short of amazing, to the point where regular dog walkers at my local spot are commenting on the change they have seen in Doug and numerous requests to see if I can do the same for their Dogs! :)

Chris Coss, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton

"Ta-Shi & Kai"

I have been using 'The Dog Mans Choice" Dog food for 3 weeks now and already I have seen a massive difference with my boys. Kai has been on the Allergy-X version as recommended by Craig because he has always suffered with Eczema. After only 3 weeks this has mostly cleared up and he has had no new outbreaks. He seems a lot happier now that he is not being irritated and the licking and scratching has reduced dramatically. Ta-Shi has been on the Salmon & Potato meal and his coat has also become shinier and a lot softer. Clearly this food has changed the health of my dogs and I don't think I will ever go back to my previous brands. Their stools have also reduced in size and are a lot easier to clean up which makes me happy too !! Thanks Craig

Barbara Jackson, Stoke on Trent

We have just returned from a 1-2-1 dog training holiday and would like to highly recommend the experience, combining training and a relaxing break. Craig is so knowledgeable, both in theory and practice, that we have come away with total confidence that, following his programme, we and Coco will build on the holiday training and she will become a much more focused dog.

Alison & Gary Taylor Wiltshire.


Thoroughly enjoying our dog training with ‘Craig The Dog Man'. Craig has given me a lot of confidence in training Monty, our 20 week old Westie. After only two training sessions Monty is walking to heal, waiting patiently when asked and his recall is progressing really well. This has been down to Craig's clear and easy to follow training sessions.

I’ve found Craig very approachable and supportive when I've needed any advice. I would highly recommend 'The Dog Man', he has helped me understand my dog much better and I also feel it has strengthened my bond with Monty. I am looking forward to my next session.

Thank you Craig,
Sarah and Monty, Cannock, Staffordshire

Over the years I have wasted precious amounts of time and money on dog training that had left me with little faith in so called ‘professional dog trainers’. Having taken ownership of a wonderful but challenging black Labrador I sought the help of Craig ‘The Dog Man”, I approached the training with an open mind considering my past experiences. My only regret is I did not discover Craig years ago. Craig has opened my eyes to a world I never knew could exist, a world where positive reinforcement produces results way beyond anything I ever dreamed about. The only time I ever look back now is to see how far we have come.

Thank you Craig
Vikki & Ebony, Bramshall, Staffordshire

"Craig, A big thank you!

Who would believe we have gone from having a big, bouncy, stubborn 9 month old Labradoodle to an alert, happy and very focused dog who loves the training. Anyone who has a Labradoodle will know how challenging they can be, especially as they love being with people, however with only three sessions (an practice in between) she now walks to heel without holding her lead and is so focused, WoW! We are so proud of her.

The client zone has been a great help in allowing us to jog our memory on techniques used in training.

We are constantly recommending Craig to anyone who comments on her heel work and behaviour whilst on walks. Each week the number of positive comments increases as she improves. I don't know of any other trainer who can achieve so much in so few sessions – A True Talent."

Kind Regards
Sue & Ian and Poppy Stoke on Trent

Amazing day yesterday learning how Saffy thinks (Belgian Malinois x GSD). Looking forward to our next session on Friday and impressing Craig with her progress too. Can't recommend The Dogman enough :-)

Julie Bryan, Hednesford, Staffordshire

"Craig very kindly agreed to be interviewed by me for my third year journalism project, which is a magazine based on dogs.

He was very helpful and answered all my questions with great detail. I would just like to say a massive thank you for your time and help."

Katy Jackson

3rd year Graduate Journalism degree - accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ)

Staffordshire University

Hi Craig

Becky and I, would like to thank you for the time that you have given us so far to help aid in Ziggy's training, your knowledge and patience has been invaluable.

As you are aware Ziggy is a 10 month old miniature labradoodle who is very bouncy and playful. Since taking him on we found out by chance that he may not of had the best of starts in his short life. A family from Shropshire had him from a breeder and due to marital problems a friend of theirs fostered Ziggy for a few weeks until his initial owners decided what they was going to do with him. The family had Ziggy back home again for a short while but then decided to re-home him as the marriage did eventually break down. Ziggy was advertised on the RSPCA facebook page, a family from Stafford took Ziggy in but within 3 days decided to re-home Ziggy again after deciding they did not have the time to dedicate to training him, at this point we decided to allow Ziggy into our home as we fell in love with him from the first picture we was sent of him. (piccy attached) We can not workout if Ziggy has hit the jackpot with us, but we feel like we have won the lottery with Ziggy as he has filled a huge hole in our lives.

Despite Ziggy having so many homes he is exceptionally loving towards us, we re-homed Ziggy 10 weeks ago (January 18th). Unfortunately he was terrible at pulling while walking on the lead, his recall was none existent along with many other bad habits, we only began training Ziggy 4 weeks ago with your guidance and support, and during these past 4 weeks Ziggy has changed dramatically. He is now walking to heel on the lead 9 times out of 10. He comes back when recalled, and all other basic commands are coming along great. I know we still have a way to go with his training but we are chipping away at it every day indoors and out, Ziggy loves the playful and rewarding games you have taught us. Ziggy, Becky and I look forward to each training session we have with you as they are so much fun, not just Ziggy but we also learn so much from you.

We want Ziggy to do so much more and as he is learning quickly, we have no doubt that you will help us to achieve our goals.

Thank you
Paul, Becky and Ziggy (woof), Stafford, Staffordshire

“Since starting teaching five years ago, I have discovered an invaluable teaching resource; Craig The Dog Man! Craig has been visiting every year as a guest lecturer to teach the theory of animal training and provide practical demonstrations to learners in both further and higher education. Every time Craig visits, he never ceases to amaze with his in depth knowledge of training theory and dog behaviour, and provides the ‘wow’ factor with his positive and ethical practical training skills; his ability to ‘read the dog’ is extraordinary. Learners are always thoroughly engaged and involved throughout the session and leave truly inspired!”

Laura Such, Halesowen College, West Midlands

Hello Craig

Just wanted to let you know how we're getting along.  In a nutshell - she's a different dog.  Far more relaxed and gentle than she was a couple of weeks ago.  Recall has massively improved.  I invested in a decent whistle and so far, she has responded to it straight away and every time.  We walked all of them (off lead across fields and bridle paths) without any trouble.  She seems less inclined to go off by herself anyway and if she does venture too far, two blasts on the whistle brings her back.   

I only train her outside, across our fields and on walks.  I'll continue to do this as when the other two are with us they join in and it just makes the whole time with them more calm and pleasant.
So, can't thank you enough :) still early days but there is noticeable improvement in her obedience and general demeanour every week.  
Happy to keep you updated and would definitely like to join in the group walks when we can.

Very best wishes Shelly & Nix

'Oscar' 3 day Intense dog training course

This is the best dog training we have done; and we have tried a few. Craig is very goood at explaining his methods and training you to train your dog. He clearly has a wealth of practical experience and this, combined with his theoretical knowledge helps you to understand why your dog does what he does. We found the whole training experience with Craig brilliant - enjoyable as well as informative. In addition, on returning home we found the notes on the client zone really useful and Craig was extremely responsive to our queries as we continued Oscar's training.

We would not hesitate to recommend Craig to anyone thinking of training their dog.

Debi Duncan,  Sally Brooks, London, N7 7NW

Hi Craig, it's been some time since we attended your training sessions but just wanted you to know that Freddie (apricot cavapoo) is now a P.A.T. dog! We go to a Day Centre twice a month and he's wonderful with the people there and they are so happy to see him I would never have believed the wild little puppy you first saw has turned into such a calm, well behaved little dog, thank you

Kind regards
Penny and Freddie Stoke on Trent


I would just like to say thank you so much for making Bella & I so welcome yesterday and for the lovely Breakfast.  What I have learnt on our first 1-2-1 lesson has been amazing, I really can't thank you enough the way she has responded to the training has blown me away!  When I showed Kevin what Bella had learned in just a few hours he was completely shocked the boys thought it was Magic!
We are all totally committed to Bella's training and with your help, guidance and support we know we will have a totally amazing dog!! also knowing we're not on our own and with all the advise on our client zone makes training Bella so reassuring.
Thanks you so much, looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Kind regards 
Lisa & Kevin James, Cheltham, Gloucestershire 

Having completed a three day, one to one training course with The Dog Man, I can honestly say the difference it has made in the relationship with my dog, Sam is incredible!  I felt slightly self conscious but Craig put me at my ease and I now have the confidence to continue with the training techniques we worked on and know that as long as I put the time in, I will see results.

A huge thank you to The Dogman

Fiona and Sam, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 

Craig the Dogman has worked a small wonder with our terrier Daisy.  We always thought she was a lost cause and almost gave up on ever trusting her off the lead.  After just a couple of months and perhaps just 5 sessions we are delighted with the progress Daisy has made.  She does not pull on the lead, comes back on command (most of the time) and is great in public places such as pubs (where normally she was wild).  Thanks to the Dogman we have a dog that is a pleasure all the time to be with.

Richard & Karen Whalley, Stoke on Trent 

I can not tell you how amazed we all are - Dougal is totally different on walks now - he has not pulled once ! I keep pinching myself !

Antonia and Dougal (Irish Water Spaniel), Kynpersley, Stoke on Trent 


Thank you so much for the report - its not very often that we get feedback from placements so thank-you!!  I really enjoyed my time at the kennels and admire all the hardwork you have all put into it to make it a really successful business; its been one of my best placements, not only in terms of learning but in the friendliness and enthusiasm of the team as well.

Thanks again and please keep in touch,
Naomi Humphreys, ​Royal Veterinary College London University

Thank you for allowing me to spend the last week with your company. I found the experience interesting and I have now a much clearer idea about how dogs behave and how I should react around dogs. I have a greater understanding of working life in the kennel industry which is thanks to all your support, time and effort you have given me. I would especially like to thank all the staff who helped and encouraged me! It is much appreciated and an experience I will definately take with me as I mature into an adult working enviroment.

Thank you very much for making me feel welcome and a part of the working family.

Ellie Dewsbury, Kingsmead Technical College. Cannock 

When we first took Bruno to see Craig The Dog Man we were at the end of dispare, Bruno was a rescue dog and had a poor start in life. Along with Craig we are learned to understand Bruno better. We still have a bit to go yet but his training is coming along fantastic. Craig certainly knows what he is doing and explains his methods to you in a way you can understand. Today we visited a dog show and all our efforts with Bruno’s training came together beautifully. No Pulling and jumping at other dogs he walked at our side all day. Thanks Craig.

Paul & Lorreinne Cooke,  Burslem,  Stoke On Trent 

Thanks Craig for the most enjoyable walk on Cannock Chase last Sunday. It was great to see Jack running free & so much enjoying himself - as we said - 'What a change from this time last year!!' Thanks to you for all your work with him & for giving me the confidence to trust him. Walks are now real fun for both the dog & me - I wondered if we would ever get to this stage.

Ann, Staffordshire 

I recently bought a dog from Craig (The Dog Man) it's a Dutch Herder as soon as I saw her I could see that she had a lot of potential. After assessing her with Craig and my Father I spent the first few days bonding with the dog and getting to know her. Once I had established a bond with her I started to do little bits of training to build up her fitness.

It has been about 5 months now and she is an absolute star, she willing to learn and such a pleasure to train.
I have always wanted to compete at a professional level and to compete on behalf of my Fathers Company (Watchdogs Limited) and win a place in some of the big trials. I have spent every day training her some examples of my training are 14ft longjump, 7ft scale, 3ft uprights, tunnels, see-saw, barrels, dog walks, A-frame, distracted down, sit and stand stays for numerous minutes, leg weaving, on and off lead heelwork and running to heel along side my bike.

I have been keeping in touch with The Dog Man and talking to him about my training and how to improve with her as well as telling him how she's been doing. Dutchie is now fast and agile and ready for the ring I am really proud of her.

I really can’t thank Craig enough for giving me the opportunity to shine at what I enjoy and I hope to be at the BPSCA Trails in Yorkshire next year and come away with a rosette or a few or hopefully a trophy . She has come so far in a short space of time and to be at a trials level of obedience and agility already, I really have high hopes for the trials next year.

She really is my pride and joy and I hope this can be seen in the pictures.
Thanks again
James (17 years) and ‘Dutchy’, Northampton, England 

I have a ten month old Boarder Terrier called Merlin. I have had him from a pup and took him to puppy classes when he was fourteen weeks old. He did not learn a lot other than socialising with other pups and people. I regularly took him to a local field where I let him off his lead. He usually followed me and would sometimes come back when called. When he was about five months old he disappeared down a rabbit hole when I was not watching. He spent thirty minutes down there and I was very worried about him. He finally came out unhurt but it was then I decided I needed more control of him.

I had heard of "The Dogman" (Craig Flint) from a fellow dog owner and gave him a ring to see if he could help me with Merlin. Craig explained quickly his training methods and arranged for me and Merlin to meet him. Merlin’s first lesson was a two hour session explaining how dogs think and respond to situations. Craig gave me a clicker to use and told me to use Merlin’s food as reward for all wanted behaviours. Over the next week I did my homework with Merlin and went back for a second lesson the week later. Craig then introduced the recall and walking to heel exercise and how to strenghthen it. I practised regularly with Merlin for another two weeks.

After three further lessons (over the next two months) Merlin is absolutely fantastic. He comes back when called, will walk by my side on command and will sit and stay as instructed. He does these things 100% of the time when just with me and 95% of the time even when with other dogs and people. Not bad for a ten month old pup!

Craig’s training methods and friendly enthusiasm made the whole experience totally enjoyable and I now have the confidence to know how to keep the good work up and walk Merlin off lead through the woods, past rabbit holes, knowing he will come back when called.

I would recommend "The Dogman" to anyone who wants the get the best out of their dog.

Thanks Craig.

Kevin Thomas, Staffordshire 

After an initial course of instruction with Craig, Blue has progressed fast and is enjoying flyball, agility and is always keen to learn new discilplines. His older brother Batman joined us 9 months ago and is benefitting from information Craig taught me. Alicia his daughter trimmed Blue's claws which need doing 2 weekly and he didn't enjoy, but she gave him confidence and he is happy to let me do them now. She also provides a very personal service for dog beautifying.....Excellent!!

Shelagh, Stone, Staffordshire

Craig, I just want to thank you for all you have taught me Jake is doing absolutely brilliant. I can’t believe he is that same dog I got really stressed out about. The trick with the toy duck is also working really well, and he retrieving so much better. Thanks to you I can finally enjoy my walks out with him.

Charlotte and Jake the Whippet (Stoke on Trent)  

Our Cocker Spaniel Milly had real behaviour problems as you would expect at five months old, she was just full of energy. We had problems controlling her on and off the lead, so we decided she needed some training. We booked her into a well known ‘Dog Training School’ where she had six or seven lessons but they were all to no avail.

Then we heard about Craig ‘The Dog Man’, within minutes of meeting us Craig had assessed us both and more importantly Milly. I could not believe it Craig had Milly following him around and doing exactly as he asked from the word go, I felt so proud it was just amazing to see.

We have now had three sessions with Craig and we’ve see a massive difference in Milly, she now responds well both on and off the lead and is much easier to control for us both but still has all the bounce and energy that we love in her. I am so pleased with Milly’s progress that I have moved forward our plans to buy a Springer Spaniel.

I am now the proud owner of two lovely dogs; my only regret is that I did not go to Craig from the start.

Darren & Karen Lycett (Stoke on Trent) 

Karen & Craig

Just to say thank you for the week I spent at Quintessential Quarters kennels and dog training facilities. You have been excellent hosts and I have learnt a great deal from my time with you. I will be taking away some long lasting memories and I hope I can return in the future. Once again THANK YOU

Jade Bradley (Skipton North Yorkshire).

We were so lucky to be put in contact with Craig. We had had our beautiful chocolate brown cocker spaniel Jackson for nearly a year but he had developed behavioral problems including growling and biting, which our trainer had suggested may be due to the fact that he was a working cocker and should not have been sold as a family pet. It had become bad enough for us to face the possibility of having to have him put down. 

We got a call one evening asking us to send a video of him retrieving a ball, which we made the following morning on the park at 6am and emailed off to Craig who rang us that evening to say Jackson looked trainable and to ask us other background information. We drove Jackson up to Craig in Staffordshire 2 days later to meet him and visit his impressive training facilities and kennels, and immediately we could see that both Craig and his wife Karen had a great rapport with all their dogs, and within minutes were getting Jackson to sniff out hidden toys with great enthusiasm.

We left Jackson with Craig for a further 2 week assessment, at the end of which he confirmed he was a definite candidate for army detection work and he began training Jackson for the army’s own test a few weeks later. We were delighted when Craig told us he had been accepted as an IED dog with the MoD-all thanks to Craig’s undoubted talent for getting the best out of his dogs and understanding their needs and how to handle them, without resorting to punishment -based techniques at all, but on reward and positive reinforcement.

We cannot praise him and Karen highly enough-they are such a personable couple as well as being incredibly talented in their training techniques. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer they can rely on not only for sound advice but who have a genuine love of animals and what is best for them as well as their owners.

Yvette Perryman (Bristol)  

I contacted Craig after having Poppy, my now 6 month old Labrador. I wanted to learn dog training techniques so that I could control her whilst out walking as she had a tendency to over greet people and other dogs. After only the 1st lesson her obediance started to improve. After just 5 lessons I have a brilliant puppy that recalls, walks to heel and obeys basic commands. I couldn't be anymore pleased with the help Craig has given me. I now want to do more training with her as both Poppy and myself have enjoyed the lessons so much. I would recommend the training lessons to anyone.

Kristy (Stoke on Trent)


Well, astonishingly we now have a reasonably well behaved, manageable four legged friend ….. but that wasn’t the case when we first found him at Birmingham Dog’s Home. He was a nervous black Labrador named Beau who had been taken to the Home by a vet as the previous owner’s had asked the vet to put Beau down.

He was approx 16 months old, house trained and in good health so the vet wouldn’t oblige the owners and took Beau along to the Home. Our visit to the Home coincided with Beau’s arrival and my daughter was immediately smitten – he really does have the most soulful eyes.

Anyway, we tried a couple of dog training schools, turning up weekly as instructed, performing as instructed but Beau was exceedingly nervous, not interacting with either the trainers or other dogs and me not feeling as though we were actually achieving anything, he was still a lovable dog, kind of nice but dim but not responding to the structured training regime.

As he got older he was getting stronger, a little less nervous and at times becoming less and less manageable, constantly lunging and of a mind to attack other dogs for no apparent reason.

I decided perhaps it was time to try some training again as I was concerned about his unruly behaviour, particularly as he is so strong, I’m of slight build and had been pulled over one too many times and I got very fed up with apologising to other dog owners.

Hence my call to the Dog Man. Beau and I started training with Craig in the middle of last year, and we really did go right back to the beginning – changing diet, feeding habits, walking regimes etc. It was a learning programme for both me and Beau, but elements of the programme started to work almost immediately, and as Beau became more responsive we would move on to the next stage of training. To date, we’ve had no more than 7 lessons and I now have a dog who’s playful, loving, eager to please, responds to my commands, still dim but much more sociable and alert. So for me and Beau, the training has been a total success and we now see Craig about every 6 weeks just for some re-enforcement training sessions. The training package is flexible, informal; the pace is totally within your control and training styles adjusted to suit each dog and owner. Beau and I tried some things and they didn’t work for us, so we tried other techniques or moved on to something else – it wasn’t a case having to achieve x before moving on to y, so, a result and hence my opening comment.

Diane Cartwright (Birmingham)

I contacted Craig at the end of my tether, I had owned Evie, a very energetic and confident Cocker Spaniel since she had been a puppy and she had gradually over 18 months got me wrapped round her little paw. The worst came when I was taking her for walks before going to work in the morning and it could take up to ten minutes to get her back on the lead. This was getting very frustrating and the angrier I got the more she ignored me. Being a confident dog she liked to say hello to other dogs and had had a couple of nasty experiences with dogs nipping at her because she wouldn't come back when I called her. We had resorted to walking her on a halty because she was pulling so much but this didn't stop her pulling us along wherever she wanted to go.

Following a phone consultation with Craig we arranged to go and see him. Straight away he gave us the techniques to stop Evie being the 'top dog' in the house and start to encourage her to come back when we called her. After four weeks we had a completely different dog, I realised this when one day on a walk I overheard someone saying they wished their dog was as well behaved as Evie was and someone else asked how we had got her trained so well.

She is still a confident dog and still hasn't lost any of her character but we can trust her, we can take her on walks and know she will come back whenever we call her. We are even training her using whistle now to call her back when we want. Best of all Evie has calmed down, she used to be full of nervous energy, she didn't know her place in our family, we have even taken her to the pub a few times and she happily sits with us in the beer garden or looks cute until children come and fuss her.

I can't thank Craig enough for all his help and support I tell everyone who asks me about him, most of all want to thank him for making it a pleasure to have Evie as part of our family and not a chore.
Again I can't thank you enough for your help.


I would like to say a big thank you' for the training of our recently acquired 4 year old Labrador, Murphy. He may be handsome but he was also very strong and difficult to handle on the lead. He also rarely sat down on command. Our problem was also how were going to manage to cope with him and our eight year old Labrador bitch that attacked other dogs when they came near. Your advice, enthusiasm and eventually help to put the two together have made all the difference. Murphy is now a very well behaved dog making this a truly remarkable transformation. I can now take both dogs out on a lead and enjoy them to heal. The two are now inseparable and a delight to have around the home. We could not have achieved any of this without your boundless energy and excellent training programme. Very much appreciated!!

Kind regards, Jane Savage

Our year old rescue dog was on the verge of being returned to the kennels as he was out of control and unmanageable. Thanks to you your training sessions and advice, we now have an obedient and much improved dog. He is a pleasure to take walking as he can run free, play with other dogs and come back to us command. The dog is happy and we are happy thanks to you and all your professional help. I can certainly recommend you excellent work to anyone who needs to help with their training regime.

Yours, Mike Turner and 'Trilby'

Earlier this year we experienced pro blems when we introduced a new puppy into our home. Our 31/2–year old Golden Retriever, Holly, became stressed and aggressive towards the puppy. Eventually for the wellbeing of all concerned, including ourselves, we reluctantly returned the puppy to the breeder but with determination to resolve the problems and to re–establish our trust in Holly. The person to whom we turned for help was Craig Flint, a man who has, through his skill knowledge, enthusiasm, kindness and commitment wrought an unbelievable change in Holly's behaviour and attitude to life. This to the point where a friend who has known Holly since a 6 week old puppy said, 'Is this the same dog? How she has changed and for the better! It's amazing!' It's amazing, is how we feel too. With Craig's help we have had the pleasure of seeing Holly blossom into loving, happy, relaxed and obedient dog that wants to and enjoys her training.

The technique Craig teaches of positive re–enforcement combined with play and exactly what we as owners were looking for. There are no harsh words or actions making it a pleasurable experience for the dogs and the owners. Craig also gives generously of his time to ensure that as owners one feels totally supported in the training process. Added to Craig's skills are the superb kennel and facilities at Quintessential Quarters. On all our visits both dogs and accommodation are freely open inspection and are always in immaculate condition, a testament to the hard work and commitment of Craig, Karen and their staff. We cannot recommend Craig, Karen and Quintessential Quarters highly enough.

Margaret and John Newsham 

Blue is a typical whippet and a lovely character, so rather than mess up I took him to see Craig.... who has given me the techniques to make him an outstanding whippet, Craig tailors the training so it is specifically for  the owner and their dog. Blue loves every minute of his training, because it's fun and he can't do enough to please. I shall be doing ongoing training because Craig can help us reach standards I didn't think possible.

Shelagh Allen (Staffordshire).  

The almost impossible can be achieved!

Thanks to Craig, Freddie has finally clicked! The clicker training worked brilliantly and he finally understood what I was trying to convey to him. He was a very scatty but adorable puppy. The training actually caught his attention and he now thoroughly enoys going through his paces to the point he has just achieved his Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze certificate, which I never thought he would be able to do.  

Penny Anderson (Stoke on Trent) 

Ziva and I are very grateful to you Craig for helping us in understanding behaviour and training me. Ziva being a German Shepherd is a very intelligent young lady and picked up on the training quickly, sorry to say I’m not so sure about me, and am sure I was a bit more of a challenge. We are both very pleased to say with your help our walking out and obedience is outstanding and our credit must be due to someone and we know this must be you. I would like to thank you for all of your help and would recommend anyone with a puppy to be guided by you and I know if we have any problems in adolescence we will be back to see you. Every success for the future.

Ziva and Pauline. 

I first came across Quintessential Quarters a while ago as my cat would board there when we went on holiday. When dropping her off I would sometimes see in the grounds a huge blue Great Dane, I was amazed at his size and grandness. I want one of those I thought and after a lot of searching and a long time of waiting (8 months!) I found a reputable breeder with a litter of 13 GD puppies, and this is where it starts: - 1 boy named Billy my beautiful blue Scooby Doo!!
I contacted Craig once Billy had finished his vaccinations and booked him in for training. I thought if this man has got a Dane he must be able to help me with mine! I knew how big he would be and how strong he would get so I thought we had to do this right or we would be in trouble.
Craig had been brilliant and has taught Billy obedience and discipline and me how to handle my dog for the happiness of all my family when out and about and at home. He has given me the confidence in walking Billy of the lead – something I would never have done from fear of him running off and losing him or not coming back to me. He has given me a better understanding how a dogs mind works especially with his own experience with his Dane ‘Spencer’.
Craig and his wife Karen have also helped me with Billy’s diet. When we first had him he was put on a puppy food by the breeder which after a while caused wheat intolerance. Craig introduced me to Arden Grange which I tried and found a noticeable improvement straight away. Billy unfortunately has a very sensitive stomach and over the last few months has developed meat intolerance, but thanks to them again, after they referred me to the neutritionalist at Arden Grange, there help combined has cracked it for Billy and is now doing brilliantly on a sensitive diet.
Billy is 10 months old now and weighs in just over 7 ½ st and although he can be a little (big!!) monkey some days he is a wonderful family pet that we all adore.
I would recommend Craig to anyone he really is ‘The Dog Man’.

Kat Harper, Stafford.  

"Craig has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in dog training and nothing seems to faze him nor test his patience. Craig has a fabulous personality, he’s very easy to get on with and has some great stories to tell. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 days in Stafford with Craig and would highly recommend him to anyone having training issues with their dog"

- Lou Graham Guernsey

"The difference has been amazing  and my confidence as a owner has changed beyond expectations, I can't thank or recommend Craig enough"

- Angela Butterton  

"I really cannot tell you how amazed we all are - Dougal is totally different on walks now - he has not pulled once! I keep pinching myself!"

- Antonia, Kynpersly

"Craig provides the ‘wow’ factor with his positive and ethical practical training skills; his ability to ‘read the dog’ is extraordinary. Learners are always thoroughly engaged and involved throughout the session and leave truly inspired!”

- Laura Such, Halesowen College, West Midlands

"I now have the confidence to know how to keep the good work up and walk Merlin off lead through the woods, past rabbit holes, knowing he will come back when called."

- Kevin, Staffordshire

"We've seen a massive difference in Milly, she now responds well on and off the lead and is much easier to control for us both but still has all the bounce and energy that we love in her."

- Darren, Stoke-on-Trent


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