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Dog Training

When the family dog misbehaves or acts 'oddly,' many owners wonder where to begin, or indeed how to solve the problem at all.

Simple things like getting your dog to sit, or stop overreacting to other dogs, feels like climbing a mountain with no peak.

Whether your dog presents common or not so common behavioural issues, please don't worry. I can and will guide you to correct this - dogs are actually happier when you take charge. 'Firm, friendly and fair' is my mantra.

All you have to do is:

  • Be open to ideas
  • Practise at home
  • Have persistence
  • Take action: book your training session today and nip bad behaviour in the bud

You don't need me to tell you: a well behaved dog at home and in public is a joy to be around. Once you have the skills to understand your dog, the stress of keeping him or her under control fades away. And that familiar embarrassment? A thing of the past.

After 20+ years experience as a police dog handler, I'm now involved in cutting-edge canine research with local universities. Over the years, I've fine-tuned original training methods that are easy to learn and get excellent results  for dog owners, just like you.

As well as professional advice on optimum nutrition , which massively impacts your dog's attitude, your training sessions will include:

  • Demonstration and clear explanation
  • Modern techniques that don't cause discomfort for your pet
  • Outdoor training so your dog is calm and confident in different environments
  • Friendly support and encouragement - I care about this as much as you do!

Every 1-2-1 training session is tailored around the individual needs of you and your dog.

My clients see the most positive results this way because general classes are usually too generic - 'one size fits all.' In that circumstance, it's no wonder motivation fizzles out - without 1-2-1 support, trying to train your dog is slow and frustrating.

With 1-2-1 attention, you and I will make adjustments that can dramatically improve your dog's attitude and obedience. Just send a few basic details via my enquiry form and I'll come right back to you with a plan you can have confidence in.

Your dog will learn the basics (plus your specific requirements):

  • Sitting and staying
  • Coming back when you call him or her
  • Walking without pulling on the lead
  • Self-control when meeting people
  • Reacting calmly to other dogs
  • Getting in and out of the car nicely
  • Being polite when waiting for food

You may even be ready to advance to shared owner-dog hobbies, like tracking. It's great fun and keeps your dog fit, mentally sharp and is a fun outdoors activity that you can build on for a lifetime.

Book your dog training lesson with The Dog Man 

Step-by-step, tailored methods:

  • Achievable and interesting
  • No discomfort to your dog
  • Positive techniques for accelerated progress
  • Practical exercises for everyday life activities
  • Ongoing advice and support

Exclusive online resources and personalised client zone for better results at home.

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